Have all your events, meetings and appointments from your email calendars in Tameday!

Here's how to sync your email calendar and your Tameday calendar together. First, click on 'Sync Calendar' on the Calendar screen.

On this screen it will show you what calendars you have synced already. To add a new calendar, click '+ Sync a new calendar'

Next you'll be given the option to choose which calendar account you'd like to sync with.

When you start the sync, any events in Tameday will be added to your external calendar and vice-versa.

NB: Cronofy is the software we use to allow us to sync your external calendar and your Tameday calendar together.

Choose with which Tameday calendar you'd like your email calendar to sync with.

You can choose any of your projects, teams, your Company HQ or even your Locker.

When you're happy, click 'Sync Calendar'

Now your email calendar will be linked to your Tameday account. Your meetings, events and appointments will now appear in your Tameday calendar and whichever project, Team or Locker you chose to put it in.

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