A to-do is the first step in getting something done.

The to-do feature is there to keep track of all your stuff to be done—in one place.

in a Project or Team, or choose 'New list' to create a new one.

Start by renaming the default list


can start adding some to-dos by choosing '+ Add new to-do'.


Give your to-do a title and s

elect the Project you want to put the to-do in. You can also add the to-do to your Locker to keep it private to you.

Pick a to-do list within the Project or your Locker to group to-dos together.

Assign the to-do to yourself or a member of your Project or Team and set a due date, when it should be completed for.

If you assign a to-do to someone else they will receive a notification about it, so everyone is kept in the loop.

If you want to add additional information to the to-do, you can include it in the Notes area—you

can add images, files and videos.

See all your to-dos

You can view at a glance how many to-dos you have from My Place.

Within My Place, to-dos are broken down into into four categories and can also be filtered by using the timeframes shown below.

You can move to-dos to different to-do lists in the Project or Team.

Drag and drop the to-do to a different list or,

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