Within Tameday you can recieve notifications over email. This means you can still be notified of everything on your Tameday account when you're not at your desk.

Linking your Tameday account to your emails is a great way to recieve notifications when you're away from Tameday and also forwarding important emails from your own email account to your Tameday account to action them later.

It means you don't have to be on your Tameday account to reply to important notifications!

However– be wary when sending sensitive information such as bank details or passwords over email. Email is not 100% secure and may be compromised, leaving it susceptible to hacking, intrusion and theft of your important information.

Information within Tameday is secure, but once it leaves the app via an email it is plain text.

We would advise that if you must share important info over Tameday then it would be safer to share this information while using the Tameday app which is secure in several ways:

All data stored within Tameday is encrypted.

Our staff here at Tameday have no access to User Accounts.

Tameday is GDPR compliant.

Our servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

For further reading, have a look here

Billing information is not stored – Tameday is integrated with Stripe (one of world leaders in online payments.)If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team who will be happy to help!

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