What is Tameday?

It’s one central place where your entire company can communicate and get stuff done, regardless of whether they work in the office or at home. Companies typically have stuff in lots of places—email threads, chats, documents, PDFs and spreadsheets. Things fall through the cracks, nobody knows who is doing what, where the latest report is and when someone is going to be off. It can get really messy!

Tameday solves these problems by offering one place for everything—it offers the core tools all businesses need to keep everyone on the same page. Work becomes less busy and more enjoyable and productive.

Tameday has:

Individual/Team Communication & chats

Project management - create/assign to dos, discussions, events, polls etc

Private and Team Calendars

Company HQ section - a central place for announcements, policies, leave etc

Comment on anything - with full searchable audit log

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